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About me and my mission
Knowledge is the most profitable investment

My name is Yanosh Katona, a Bitcoin & Blockcain fan; economist, founding member of the blockchain community, member of the blockchain association, DIR Distributed Lab Hungary, BalletCrypto Product Ambassador, European representative of CryptoRobotics, specialty trader on the Kraken stock exchange, founding member of BWA.

My Mentors: Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, Michail Chobanian, Bobby Lee, Tone Vays, Gordon Einstein

According to my clients, I am the most practical person who can best teach them Bitcoin basics and apply them immediately.

In 2009, I became fed up with the outdated financial system. Since then I have been looking for and searching for the right solution.

In 2015, I took Bitcoin seriously.

As an economist I didn't believe it could be viable.

Ever since, Bitcoin has proved its independence.

A turning point in my life has been regular consultations with the President of the Bitcoin community, working with the work and development processes, and participating in international events. I share this knowledge and experience with my students.

More than 3,000 people have mastered the basics with my help.

I actively participate in international projects and represent them in Europe. Thousands of people are using it, employing a unique trading platform developed by an international team.

My mission is to set up a financial internet, create a transparent, traceable economy, and introduce self-communicating programs for small and medium-sized businesses. Transferable experience and knowledge.
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